Global Payments with Turtlepurl

Turtlepurl is proud to offer our products across the globe! We are a Canadian business and, as such, we will charge you in CANADIAN DOLLARS (CAD).

What does this mean for you?

You can choose to see the product price in the currency of your choice (USD, for example). This can help you to understand the pricing better, but you will always be charged in CANADIAN FUNDS.

Your invoice might look like this:

And your credit card statement might look like this:

However, please understand that you are being charged the correct amount. The amount you are charged in CANADIAN DOLLARS reflects the exchange rate on the day you purchase. Exchange rates change every day, so the amount you will be charged will fluctuate and may not be the same on repeat purchases.

The CANADIAN DOLLAR of your payment and your refund will always be the same.

Refunding an online payment

We collect and refund online payments in CANADIAN DOLLARS. When we issue a refund to a card using another currency, your bank will convert it from CANADIAN DOLLARS for you. We are not involved in this exchange process.

Please note that due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amount you receive may be more or less than you originally paid.

Further enquiries

If you have any additional questions regarding international payments or refunds, please feel free to contact our team.